They’re Coming For You AKA It’s Freaky Robot Sunday!

January 21, 2007 at 10:55 pm Leave a comment

I came across several of these weird looking robots with whatever special powers they can have recently. I wanted to share them with you. Hopefully they won’t freak you out too bad. This one is so scary people have to get a consent saying they are 18 years old or older just to see it. Another one is fueled by water and wood to feed itself even after its power has been lost. Next there’s a video connected to this article of this robotic face doing it’s weird sci-fi type interactions with it’s too real or not quite real facial expressions, you decide. This robot could soon be teaching your kids or giving them future therapy sessions, it’s not decided yet. Ok so our technology may seem have gone too far and yet once again sci-fi movies have a certain self-fulfilling like prophecy towards our scientifically engaged culture. I think if I saw one of these things anywhere especially banded together like a posse of terminating robots I’d be a little worried. Real worried. On a serious note though it is quite amazing what people’s time and energy go into and for these inventors/engineers it’s to see who can create a something quite human yet not quite there. Is this another case of humanity’s arrogance or simple brilliance?


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