Greatest Grain (an Oatmeal Mini-Thesis)

July 6, 2006 at 10:55 am Leave a comment

Of course this is only an opinion(and everyone has an opinion just like they have a brain) but I believe that OATMEAL is the greatest grain. I say this because I just love oatmeal. I eat every morning, I consume it in my protein shake smoothies, and sometimes I when I feel a little barbaric, I eat it just out of the bag that Bob’s Red Mill has provided. Ok, a shameless plug to a company that I get no financial gain from but I support their products because it’s organic and darn good quality. Ok for real, I really do like oatmeal and if I was posed this question( in a Harry Carey/ Will Ferrell voice), ” Hey Tim, Would you eat the moon if it was a bowl of oatmeal?” I would have to reply quick, fast, and in a hurry, “Oh yeah.”(Think of the Kool Aid GuyKool-Aid bowl character, that freak) It’s quite nutritious for ya. It provides a good amount of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. So I an avid oatmeal eatter, encourage you the reader to pick up a hot bowl of what you may perceive as an old-fashioned-only-grandmas-eat-this-kind-of-stuff-to-keep-their-old-
bowels-regular food and tray it mix a bit of honey in it or sugar but not white sugar but the Sugar in the Raw kind(also known as turbinado sugar) because it’s better for you than the processed white sugar. Heck fire monkey’s butt get crazy with what you put in your oatmeal put fresh strawberries or walnuts or almonds in it and BAM! Delicious! I like the non-instant oatmeal better because let’s face it the instant can get all soggy and sloppy, almost 1950s horror movie gloppy. And not to mention the plethora of sugar that’s in it. Geez Quaker’s, let’s call it healthy by marketing it that way, no matter the contents of the “healthy” oatmeal. Ok, so there’s my thought for today. Go eatcha self some oatmeal you know you want to.


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